We’ll pack your idea in a video

We’ll write a script and make a graphical ad according to it. You will get the result, which will please you as well as your audience.

Production house

We are into 2D animation for quite a time already. We cover all areas of this line of work from motion-design to classic animation. Creating video-ads from making out a concept to mass production.

Creative agency

A creative team to whom you can delegate several projects and rest assured about the result. We are addressed to by advertisers, script writers, directors and artists.

Recent works

Client: Game quest “Instapolia”

What happened: the client worked out a new game quest, which primary functionalityis organized via Instagram.

Goal: advertising promotion of the game, working out an art concept and a recognizable image, further assistance with in-game design.

Result: we carried out an analysis of target audience of the game, based on which we aerated the characters, resembling the characters of a popular animated series“Rick and Morty”. We created the animation for the characters and produced the ad. To address the audience more precisely, we brought the voice of a popular Russian internet speaker and voice-over actor Ruslan Gabidullin into the project

Recent works

Client: «RexPax» Service

What happened: the RexPax company got ready for emitting its own cryptocurrency at ICO and has worked outan original format of interaction on the Internet.

Goal: the client needed a corporate identity for the site and a video ad in two languages as well as designer advertising materials for the product promotion.

Result: we organized a vast range of works in the product design. We designed the client’s site in a new corporate identity, maintained the new image in the promotion video ad and became a trustworthy partner to this client in their conquest of the cryptocurrency market.

Recent works

Client: micro-financial company “Until payday”

What happened: the client had a need to create a recognizable image of a financial organization on the Internet.

Goal: to tell about the company services in a new format, corresponding to the image of the client, to design an art concept for the video ad, to get a fancy design approach creating the promotion.

Result: we generated the original image-forming idea, advantageously highlighting the client’s business among the competitors. We designed the art concept and organized production of an image video ad. The client got an original and fresh format, promoting his company on the net.

Recent works

Client: Asian-Pacific Bank.

What happened: the bank went through a rebranding, which required new mages and their further implementation in an advertising campaign.

Goal: working out the corporate identity, promotion of the bank’s new image, disseminating information about the services, effective advertising.

Result: 5hands organized the production of informational video ads about the bank’s services. Created an advertising video ad for the TV. Drawn numerous pictures of corporateIdentity characters. Designed many design projects. The bank has found an outstanding partner in the studio and we continue our cooperation up to date.

We create for more than 5 years:

Create unique stories with memorable characters. A limitless field for experiments with the plot. Artistic, image or advertising ones.
Animation design
Create video ads with simple graphics and complex animation. We can give life to almost any idea!
Show the difficult information via the graphic shapes, schemes and images.

Our works

We have successfully developed more than 250 animation projects, here are some of them
Image animated commercial
Client: Realcom Internet
in 4 weeks
Client: Fred and Socks
in 2 weeks
Commercial for a website
Client: AppleN1.ru
in 8 days
Client: IZX.io Application
in 2 weeks
Animated video-commercial for an application
Client: ZakaZaka.ru
in 10 days
Video ad for a website
Client: Hesus.ru
in 2 weeks
Client: Federal Service
in 3 weeks
Online-shop commercial
Client: Shop Palitra-Krasok.ru
in 2 weeks
10 ways to give a present and spoil the holiday!
Client: iTechMobile
in 4 weeks
Online-casino commercials
Client: Slot Games
7 episodes were made

Clip about the SoftInterGroup company
Client: SoftInterGroup.ru
in 7 days
Commercial animated series “Bankorama”
Client: Банк ВТБ
7 episodes
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Our advantages

We create authorial project on a “turnkey” basis
We create serial works
We always have fresh ideas!
We are professionals and we love our craft

10 advantages of video

Affects effectively

A video ad affects two channels simultaneously: visual and audial. Fast and clear presentation of information

Pleasant to watch

People watch animated videos not only because of the plot. They like to watch the way the characters and their surroundings are detailed. A beautiful video ad gives pleasure

Click effect

It works when the user wants to click the view icon on the screen. The video button “view” propels him to watch.


Russia is at top-five countries with most video views. Average Russian spends 21,8 hours a month for video content. Your video will be viewed, rest assured

Fast and convenient

A video ad tells the user all the necessary information. You will save your employees’ time, who won’t have to answer the same questions on the phone

Wide application

Google, Microsoft, Yandex have proved that video ads present the information most effectively. They already use them to communicate with their users

Likes and reposts

A video ad gathers views on YouTube. It is disseminated in the social networks via reposts. It works fast, people share good videos with each other

Works 24/7

A video ad will become your best «sales manager». It works 24 hours 7 days a week. It doesn’t need constant control or renewing

One click to the money

Putting a video ad on the net is considerably cheaper, than advertising on TV. You save on the ad creation and on its promotion. You can be one click away from your client with your video

Increases trust

You create a video ad, where the clients see your company as a team of creative people. They understand the way you think and see the world. This way you get closer to them and they trust you

A good animated video ad consists of

Idea and concept
We think that primary success lies in the idea itself. For each our video we write its own script and draw a storyboard.
Thanks to the characters the story becomes attractive and interesting. The characters could be drawn in detail or intentionally casually.
A video ad can be set in different animation styles: from minimalistic graphics to classic artistic animation. The more complex the style is, the more craftsmanship it requires from the specialists.
Quality music and sound setting directly affect the perception of information form the video ad. If you want to get a video ad with a unique internal atmosphere, we recommend ordering additional sound designer services.
The way all the elements combine in a video. There are no boundaries and rules of video-making, it can be created any way you like it, believe it! We have our own production, we have vast knowledge in graphics and animation.
You can fill the brief, it will take no more than 5 minutes

We work

Feedback from our customers

"I have ordered from the team #5hands a series of animated video ads about the operations of our company Proflingva.ru. I have never expected such result! The work was finished quickly, without any loss in quality – which was very pleasing! The guys are young – and they have fresh solutions and ideas, creativeness. I recommend!"

Andrey Kuznetsov
CEO of translation agency “Prof Lingva” - Proflingva.ru

"I am very pleased with cooperation with guys from 5hands. I liked that we were instantly offered varieties of implementation and a thorough storyboard, which quickly formed the future ad early at the idea stage. The ad turnedout to be very pleasant, even more than I have initially expected. And furthermore, I have noticed that after implementing the ad into our company site the visitor staying time has increased, which we cannot but welcome! We are definitely going to work again with this creative group! Thanks for the job done! You did good!"

Dmitriy Kuzin
CEO of company “Adept” - Adeptgroup.ru

"The work was done timely and with quality, which had been very important, as creative people tend not to stick to the deadline. Also it was pleasing, that the ad was remodeled without any problems, because no specification can include everything, the ad has quite quickly grown a number of characters, which are difficult to describe. The price was average on the market, but given the thorough work on details and respect to the deadlines one may say, that it was the best price and quality offer."

Pavel Kalashnikov
CEO of project "Rubuki" - Rubuki.com

"We thank the 5hands team for high-quality work – an original idea of showing our company’s advantages, unique characters, constant feedback and taking all customer’s subtleties into account. The guys showed themselves as professionals of their craft – the creative side with impeccable implementation, and, most important, strict sticking to deadline and conditions! We’ll work and develop with the 5hands tem further!"

Alexandr Anohin
CEO of applen1.ru Service

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